Me, during a field sampling trip in Green Lakes Valley / Niwot Ridge in December 2008.

I am currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Specifically within the Department of Biomedical Informatics of the College of Medicine, as part of the ArC-GEM group.

I earned my Ph.D. from Steven K Schmidt’s lab in the EBIO department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I recently finished my postdoctoral fellowship within the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology at Colorado State University. Here, in a collaborative effort with the United States Department of Agriculture – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS), I used my bioinformatic skills to analyze the gut microbiome and perform metagenomic surveys, in order to study the overall microbial gut community and diet composition of feral swine.

Prior to this I was a postdoctoral associate researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as part of the Plant-Microbe Interfaces Scientific Focus Area, under Chris Schadt. Here I studied and continue to collaborate on a variety of projects relating to the analysis of the Poplar root microbiome.

I have broad interdisciplinary research interests that involve the study of the phylogenetics, biogeography, and diversity of microbial and micro- / meiofaunal communities. Just send me an e-mail for more information.

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